How To Wash And Sanitize Your Scrubs}

Submitted by: Ricky S. Solomon

For doctors, nurses and other medical staffs, the commonly used uniform nowadays are scrub suits or scrubs. These outfits are more comfortable compared to previous uniforms and it allows you to choose from different designs. However, aside from getting the suitable scrub to use, it is also of utmost importance that you know how to properly wash and sanitize your scrub.

Medical staffs often handle bodily secretions like blood, mucus, sweat, etc which often have millions of harmful bacteria. These substances often come in contact with the medical scrub, staining it and leaving microorganisms that can cause illness. Because of this, it is important that you know how to sanitize and wash your scrub properly, as well as prevent the spread of microbes to other places and people.

Here are tips in how to properly do so:


Bring separate clothing – when going to the hospital or your workplace, wearing another set of clothes and place your scrub in a convenient bag. You can then change into your scrub when working, then change back to your separate clothes after work. This prevents you from spreading microbes that you get from the hospital to other people or other things while going home.

Separate your scrubs from other clothing – when washing your clothes, it is important that you separate your scrubs from your other clothes. Since there are harmful microbes on your uniform, mixing it with your other clothes can spread them. In order to isolate your other clothes from your uniform, you should get separate hampers for your soiled clothes and your used scrubs. This can isolate the disease causing microorganisms from spreading to your other clothing.

Aside from isolating harmful microbes to spread to your other clothing, separating your clothes can also help prevent damages to other items. Washing your medical scrubs may require you to use strong detergents and cleaning materials. Some clothes are made from materials that are easily ruined when washed with strong detergent, bleach, etc.

Washing it twice – when washing your scrub suit, you’ll need to it twice. The first one should be done with the use cold water and your regular detergent. This can help remove stain and loosen the stain on your scrub. Afterwards, you need to wash it again. This time, you’ll have to use hot water, bleach and stronger detergent. This will help remove any stain and harmful microorganisms that may have lodged on your scrub,

When using strong cleaning chemicals however, make sure that you don’t soak your scrub in them for a long time. Although they can help get rid of stain and microbes, they can also damage your scrub if left soaked for a prolonged period.

By following these tips, you can make sure that you clean your scrubs properly and keep it sanitized. You can also find scrubs that can easily be cleaned in medical stores or through online deals. You can even find ones that comes with fashionable designs and colors, while allowing you to move comfortably while going through with you work in the hospital.

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