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Permanent Life Insurance Vs Term Life Insurance Which Is Best For You

Permanent Life Insurance vs Term Life Insurance Which is Best for You


Chris Harmen

Choosing between life insurance types can often be a tedious and long process. There are many options available for the policies, as well as terms within those options. Companies offer so many types because everyone seems to need something unique to their situation, lifestyle, etc.

Two of the most common types are term life insurance and universal life insurance. Though there are several other kinds of coverage, these are the two that are most often used for families or businesses.

Term Life Insurance Explained

This is a policy set up to cover a person for a specific amount of time. During this time as long as premiums are paid, the same death benefit will always be held. Premiums and coverage never change, and after the term is up, there may be an option for renewal.

This kind of coverage is most often used by parents with families that only need coverage for a specific time period. For instance, a family with a mortgage might be best off to have both spouses covered. In case of death, during the length of the mortgage, the coverage amount for whoever passes will be paid to the other spouse, allowing them to pay off the mortgage.


Another case for using term life insurance is when there are still children at home. Being covered until the youngest child is old enough to support themselves gives both spouses comfort in knowing that the children would be taken care of if anything were to happen. Often times this kind of policy will remain in effect until the last child leaves home at age 21.

One last example where people often use this type of policy is with a stay at home parent. A death benefit can keep the rest of the family financially afloat in regards to daycare for younger children, and other spousal duties. It’s very important to consider what would happen to a family if a stay at home spouse were to pass away. Often times they are over looked because they have no income. The money they are saving the family though, in cleaning and daycare bills, adds up and should be considered for their own term life insurance policies.

Permanent Policies Explained

Permanent policies are characterized by their cash values and death benefits. One of these common policies is universal life insurance. This kind of policy is used for people who want to have a more hands on approach with their coverage and cash value.

The popular idea behind universal life insurance is that the premiums, pay out, and cash value are all decided by the owner. An amount of money is left in their account and monthly premiums can be taken from this amount to cover the death benefit desired. If their wishes change, the universal life insurance policy is easy to alter by additional deposits. The cash value can also be used for certain investments, which allows the owner to have more control over their money.

Have More Control Of The Investment

There are many reasons to choose the universal life insurance policy over other kinds of policies. If the owner wants to be able to decide where money is invested, this is a great way to have that control. Of course, by having this control the owner must also keep an eye on the balance to be sure that there is enough money for the death benefit they desire.

The transparency of the universal life insurance policy is a nice addition as well. While most other policies have a regular premium, all the owner sees is that one price is paid. In universal policies, they will have access to each itemized fee taken comparable to a bank statement.

People also like to get this kind of coverage because it is often more affordable. As the owner controls how much of a benefit is needed, they get to decided how much of a premium to pay according to that benefit as well. One last benefit to permanent policies is the fact that they are not canceled. As long as money is in the account, and coverage fees are covered, a benefit will be paid upon death.

Choosing the proper death benefit for your needs requires a lot of consideration. There are many options as far as the kind of coverage you want, and whether you want to be able to benefit from the investment while you are still alive. A person’s health and age will also be taken into consideration to adjust the premium of the policy. Taking the time to research your needs before you discuss them with an underwriter will assist you in being that much more prepared for this large purchase.

Choosing What Is Best For You

While it seems like there are a lot of options, this is only to express how individual each person’s own needs are. The Internet provides a way for you to gather all of the information you need prior to speaking to an advisor, but they are usually available for questions, so don’t hesitate to call one. In the mean time, take your time in considering what option best suits your needs and when you are ready, start looking into life insurance quotes.

Chris Harmen is a writer for Wholesale Insurance, a site that allows consumers to compare

term life insurance

rates before purchasing. Anyone looking to buy term or

universal life insurance

can visit Wholesle Insurance.

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Male Magellanic penguins pine for pairings: Wikinews interviews biologist Natasha Gownaris

Sunday, January 27, 2019

In findings published earlier this month in Ecological Applications, scientists from the University of Washington and Center for Ecosystem Sentinels examine the reason for the plummeting numbers of female Magellanic penguins, Spheniscus magellanicus, that have been reported at the birds’ breeding sites in South America over the past twenty years and more. Wikinews caught up with postdoctoral researcher and study co-author Natasha Gownaris to learn more.

In a press release, Gownaris said, “Two decades ago, there were about 1.5 adult male Magellanic penguins for every adult female at Punta Tombo[…] Today, it’s approaching three males for every female.” The findings suggested a disparity in the death rate of juvenile and adult penguins, rather than differences in chick survival, account for this difference.

Punta Tombo is one of the annual breeding sites for the species; it is in Argentina. The penguins travel thousands of miles each year to reach these sites.

The work involved building population models out of over thirty years of data collected by tagging individual penguins. Findings also suggested the pronounced sex disparity might make population models used to predict survival among other birds with a more even gender balance inappropriate for use on Megallanic penguins.

According to the data, since 1987, overall population of Magellanic penguins in Punta Tombo at one of their annual breeding sites in Argentina has declined 40%, while the male-to-female ratio has greatly increased.

Since 1983, the research team has been putting stainless steel bands on tens of thousands of chicks hatched at the Punta Tombo breeding site in Argentina, noting which juvenile and adult birds make it back to the site the next year and extrapolating how many lived and died. Among juveniles, there was a 17% survival rate for males and 12% for females. Among adults, it was 89% and 85%. These effects became compounded every year, reaching as high as six males to one female among older penguins.

The researchers noted implications for penguin conservation: Gownaris remarked, “Over the years, this team has helped preserve the land and waters around breeding colonies like Punta Tombo[…] But now we’re starting to understand that, to help Magellanic penguins, you have to protect waters where they feed in winter, which are thousands of miles north from Punta Tombo.”

Gownaris answered a series of questions for our correspondent.

((Wikinews)) What prompted your curiosity about Magellanic penguins?

Natasha Gownaris: I’ve wanted to be a marine scientist since I was a child, when I would collect sand crabs (Emerita talpoida) from local beaches in New York. I studied fish as a graduate student, but I have a pair of adopted parrots and I am generally fascinated by birds. Plus, penguins eat fish! Studying penguins seemed like a great way to merge my love for the ocean and my love for birds. Penguins and other seabirds are also important to study because they tell us something about the health of the ocean ecosystems they feed in, similar to the use of canaries to test air quality in coal mines. Unfortunately, the decline of many seabird species worldwide is yet another warning sign of the negative and widespread impacts humans are having on the ocean.

((WN)) How did you approach putting together such a large-scale study?

NG: This study started in 1982, long before my joining the lab in March of 2016. Dr. Dee Boersma began this study as a response to a Japanese company’s interest in harvesting penguins for their skin, meat, and oil. Although the project has evolved over time, Dr. Boersma had the foresight to start banding chicks in 1983 and to set up a standard protocol that we follow each year. Since then, over 44,000 chicks have been banded at Punta Tombo. We’ve been able to follow some individuals for 30+ years, collecting detailed information on things like how often they breed and how many mates they’ve had.

((WN)) How much time did you end up spending in Argentina? What was it like at the breeding site?

NG: Members of the Boersma lab and volunteers spend approximately six months each year at Punta Tombo. I was fortunate enough to spend nearly four months at the colony between 2015 and 2017. It’s an incredible, otherworldly place. Magellanic penguins nest in burrows or bushes, and some areas of the colony are so dense with burrows that you feel like you’re on a different planet. The colony has declined by over 40% since the study started…so I can’t even imagine what it was like in the 1980s. My favorite time of the day is around 8PM, when (hopefully fat) penguins are returning to the colony en masse after a foraging trip. They are also most vocal in the morning and evening, making their characteristic braying sound— the related African penguin earned the name “jackass penguin” because they sound a bit like donkeys. The colony is also full of other beautiful and interesting creatures, including a llama-like species called the guanaco and an ostrich-like species called the rhea.

I was fortunate enough to spend nearly four months at the colony between 2015 and 2017. It’s an incredible, otherworldly place.

((WN)) Do you have any theories on why more female juveniles die at sea? You mention starvation; what might be the causes of that, and are there other possible explanations you can think of?

NG: We are not yet certain why females are more likely to die, but we think it must be related to their smaller body size. Because the mortality is most uneven in juveniles, higher mortality doesn’t seem to be related to greater costs of breeding for females than for males. Female Magellanic penguins are about 17% lighter than males and have smaller bills. We think that, because of this size difference, females have a lower storage capacity, can’t dive as deep, and can’t take as wide a range of prey as males — all disadvantages when faced with limited and unpredictable food resources. These disadvantages hit juvenile females even harder, as juveniles are still learning how to forage and often travel further than adults do in the non-breeding season. Counts of carcasses in the species’ migration range support starvation as the main cause of female-biased mortality; while oiled carcasses have a sex ratio of 1:1, females outnumber males in carcasses of starved birds. The only other possibility is that females are moving to other colonies at higher rates than are males, but this species is known to almost always return to its natal colony to breed.

((WN)) You suggest conservation efforts should look at protection of feeding grounds. What sort of measures do you think might be beneficial?

NG: Because penguins migrate such long distances over the non-breeding season, a mixture of tools (including no-take marine protected areas and traditional fisheries management tools, like catch limits) is likely to be needed. Although there is currently some spatial protection surrounding the species’ breeding colony, this protection does not extend to their migratory route. And, of course, everyone can contribute to penguin conservation by reducing their plastic waste, making more sustainable food choices, and reducing their carbon footprint.

((WN)) What do you think might be causing pressure on food sources for the penguins?

NG: The two main threats to the food sources of this colony are climate change, which cause shifts in primary productivity and fish stocks, and fisheries. Fisheries compete with penguins for fish species such as hake and anchovy.

((WN)) Have you noticed differences in behavior among the penguins as the ratios become increasingly skewed?

NG: In a separate study currently under review, we have shown that aggression between males of Magellanic penguins is higher when the sex ratio at the colony is more skewed towards males. We also showed that nearly all females at the colony breed but that, over time, fewer and fewer males find mates. Single male penguins sometimes intrude [on] nests of mated pairs and interrupt the incubation of eggs or feeding of chicks, leading to mortality. In some cases, they will even attack and kill chicks.

((WN)) Your release mentioned sexing the penguins was problematic; how did you achieve it with confidence?

NG: We have some methods of sexing penguins that we feel confident about — using genetics or measures of cloaca size around egg laying, for example. However, these methods are time intensive, so we have also developed visual cues for sex penguins (bill size, behavior, forehead shape). We looked at individuals that had been sexed using both a certain method (e.g. genetics) and visual methods to calculate how often we got it right based on visual cues alone and found that we have very high accuracy. We also used statistical tools to help to deal with uncertainty in the sex of some individuals.

((WN)) How well can you extrapolate population trends at Punta Tombo based on the birds you tagged? More broadly, how well do you think this work represents global populations?

everyone can contribute to penguin conservation by reducing their plastic waste, making more sustainable food choices, and reducing their carbon footprint

NG: It is likely that females have higher mortality than males at other colonies of this species and in other penguin species. We unfortunately do not have enough information from other colonies of this species (e.g. sex ratio and population trends) for an accurate global assessment of population trends. We do know that some colonies of the species are growing but that, at the global level, the species is still in decline.

((WN)) In your opinion, for how much longer are penguin populations sustainable without intervention?

NG: This is nearly impossible to answer without more information on other colonies of the species, but the Punta Tombo colony is declining rapidly. We estimate declines of at least 43% since 1987 from our annual surveys at the colony, but it is likely that actual declines are higher because of the increasingly skewed sex ratio.

((WN)) What are your next plans moving forward with your work?

NG: We are currently studying the sex ratio in Magellanic penguin chicks (at hatching and at fledging) to determine how this influences the sex ratio in adults. There are two priorities moving forward — 1) estimating sex ratio at other colonies of this species and determining whether females are more likely to leave Punta Tombo for other colonies than are males and 2) determining the mechanisms underlying lower female survival, e.g. by studying the foraging behavior and diet of males and females and the individual characteristics (like body size) that correlate with survival.

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Aircraft makes emergency landing at Edinburgh Airport

Monday, July 30, 2007

A Flybe, Bombardier Q400, had to make an emergency landing at Edinburgh Airport in Scotland after it had engine troubles on its scheduled flight from Manchester.

Thirty-six passengers were onboard flight BE7220 when the captain made the Mayday call to air traffic control at approximately 07:40 BST. The captain was forced to shut down one of the plane’s two turboprop engines before finally landing safely at Edinburgh Airport at 07:50 BST.

Upon landing the plane was met by fire engines and other emergency vehicles before taxiing to the terminal building.

Jim Mulhall, a passenger on board the plane said, “When the captain told us they were going to cut an engine everyone went quiet, probably because they were apprehensive.”

Normal operations at the airport have since resumed, while the aircraft is expected to resume commercial flying this afternoon.

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Should Macedonia Ohio Car Owners Purchase Advance Auto Parts, Or Tow The Auto To A Trusted Service Station?

Should Macedonia Ohio Car Owners Purchase Advance Auto Parts, Or Tow The Auto To A Trusted Service Station?



There’s several retailers you could purchase brand name car or truck parts. Some buyers decide to repair their own automobile after recently aquiring their automotive parts at Napa, Autozone, or Advance Auto. Will this be the better method? Here are a number of good reasons to let experts do work on your automobile.


You can find various car parts dealers; Autozone, NAPA, or Advance Auto. are simply the most widespread. They retail quality brand name car or truck parts. However is servicing your automobile on your own the best way? Cars have become considerably more complex as new technology makes the diagnosis of trouble still more dependent on pricey diagnostic tools. Here are several motives to permit a educated service person go to work on your automobile; Vehicle service experts will be certified ASE technicians Car service center technicians will have the car parts in stock, in most cases, for speedy auto service. Car or truck service experts should offer guarantees that their work is completed correctly. The automobile diagnostic machinery is on site, and can deliver a much better diagnosis of what’s creating the problem with your automobile. The price of labor to repair your automobile is offset by the confidence of understanding that your automobile is repaired correctly, and there is a guarantee on auto service completed. Every time ask if the service tecnician working on your automobile is ASE certified. Make sure that the service center performing the auto service on your automobile gives a guarantee, preferably a lifetime guarantee on all services done. Be certain that the service center makes use of brand name car parts to service your automobile. Ask if a free loaner vehicle is obtainable at the time the auto service needs some time. Ask if a courtesy car ride to your work is obtainable if you need to leave your automobile. If you want the answer to be “Yes!” to all these questions… you need to look at Nordonia Goodyear in Northfield Ohio. Mike McGroarty says they use the most trusted brands; Bendix, NAPA, Kelly, Dunlop, and Goodyear Northern Ohio car mechanic shop Nordonia Goodyear is serving the Northfield, Macedonia, Nordonia, Brecksville, Walton Hills, Twinsburg, Penninsula, and Hudson Ohio areas since 1982. They are reliable A.S.E. Certified Technicians. They offer to check your vehicle’s tire tread wear, tires, and battery while you sit comfortably, or present you a courtesy car ride to your job or back at the ranch. Nordonia Goodyear markets a broad price range of the latest auto batteries for nearly every requirement and value range. Contact Nordonia Goodyear at; 10235 Northfield Road Northfield Ohio 44067 They take Discover. Mastercard, VISA, AMEX, and they even offer financing, if you like. Open Mon-Fri 805:30 Sat 8-3:30

Nordonia and Northfield Ohio car mechanic shop Nordonia Goodyear continues to be serving the Northfield, Macedonia, Nordonia, Hudson, Twinsburg, Walton Hills, Brecksville Ohio areas starting in 1982. They are proud A.S.E. Certified Technicians. They will want to check your car or truck’s tires and tread wear and your battery as you wait, or offer you a quick courtesy ride to your job or to your house. Nordonia Goodyear markets a broad range of the latest auto mufflers for nearly every requirement and value range. Phone the owner Mike McGroarty at 330-467-9041. You will find out more at or AAA Approved dealer.

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Wikinews interviews Dr Thomas Scotto and Dr Steve Hewitt about potential US military intervention in Syria

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

File:Tom scotto.jpg

The United States President, Barack Obama, announced on Saturday he was seeking Congressional authorisation for military intervention in Syria.

Wikinews interviewed Professor of Government Dr. Thomas Scotto from the UK’s University of Essex and Senior Lecturer in American and Canadian Studies Dr. Steve Hewitt from the UK’s University of Birmingham about the proposed military intervention by the USA in Syria.

((Wikinews)) What is your job role?

Dr. Thomas Scotto: I am a Professor of Government, teaching courses in quantitative methods, public opinion, political behaviour, and American Politics. I have been at Essex since January, 2007. I am the Principal Investigator of a major ESRC grant on public opinion on foreign policy attitudes in five nations (Great Britain, United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy).
Dr. Steve Hewitt: Dr. Steve Hewitt, Senior Lecturer in American and Canadian Studies [at the University of Birmingham].

((WN)) The Republican speaker John Boehner is endorsing Barack Obama’s strategy, do you think this will lead to Congress authorising military intervention?

TS: Ultimately, I believe that the President will succeed, but I doubt it will be a neat voter — there will be a significant number of Democrats and Republicans who do not fall into line and vote against intervention.
I think the real story is that in the past two weeks, we have seen an amazing shift in how the Executives of the United States (President Obama) and the United Kingdom (Prime Minister Cameron) execute foreign policy. In the post-War period, committing the nation to take military action was seen as the prerogative of the President and Prime Minister, with the legislatures of both countries providing, at best, weak oversight.
In the United States, there is the War Powers Act and the authorisation of the first Gulf War, but the President’s authority was rarely challenged nor was it really believed that the President needed to consult Congress. In the UK, you would have to go back to the late 1700s to find the last time a Prime Minister was truly rebuffed on a matter of military intervention.
Why is that? I think it’s war fatigue on the part of the public and the average member of the UK Parliament and the US Congress. A significant number of those sitting on the backbenches of Parliament and in the Congress are thinking of balancing their nations’ budgets in times of fiscal austerity, and they have ties to constituencies, which don’t want to see their country shed blood and treasure in another prolonged conflict in the Middle East where the backgrounds of the rebel groups the US and UK are supporting is not well defined and the end goals are uncertain.
SH: Not necessarily. Boehner has not been able to carry Republicans in the past. His being onside increases the chances of authorization but it doesn’t make it inevitable.

((WN)) Is the US general public in support of taking military intervention in Syria?

TS: No, not at all. We’ve polled a representative sample of the American public in June of 2012, February of 2013, and this summer. Support for intervention in Syria has not moved. In our surveys fewer than 1 [in] 5 respondents were open to the idea of sending American ground troops into Syria. This was true regardless whether their aim was to provide humanitarian assistance or topple al-Assad. There are also low levels of support for arming the rebels. What is amazing is that, despite the reported use of chemical weapons and the deaths and displacement of 100,000s of Syrians, there has been little change in support levels over the time period we’ve been in the field with our surveys.
SH: No, clearly the American public is not in favour of intervening in Syria. About 60% are opposed in the latest poll.

((WN)) The British Parliament voted against military intervention in Syria, do you think this has led Obama to put a vote to Congress?

TS: I think Obama wants Congress to own this. Some in Congress believe that the United States would be doing too little if it only carried out limited missile strikes to punish al-Assad. Other Members are dead set against intervention of any type. The President was finding it impossible to please everyone, and instead, basically said sort out what you want me to do. It is an amazing turn of events where the President might be constraining himself in terms of the response he could take. Obama’s decision may have ramifications for Executive-Legislative relations in the US for years to come.
SH:That may have played a role but it is still not clear why President Obama has taken this course. It may also be the case that he is looking to share the political risk that goes with attacking with Republicans and Congress in general.

((WN)) After more than a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, does the US general public feel disillusioned in taking military action?

TS: Yes, definitely. Less than half of the American public believes the Iraq war was a success, and we have found that those who believe that the previous conflicts in the Middle East were a failure are likely to be those opposing action against Syria. So many people think the Iraq and Afghanistan interventions cost too much and did little good — it’s really weighing on the public’s mood at this time.
SH: Yes, there clearly is fatigue in relation to interventions and the lack of clear resolutions of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

((WN)) Do you think military intervention in Syria will affect Russia–United States relations?

TS: It is hard to say — in the short term, yes. In the long term, it really depends on how Putin sees the long term interests of himself and his nation vis-à-vis the United States and America’s western allies.
SH: Yes, although relations are already tense. How extensive any attack by the US on Syria will determine the full impact on US–Russia relations.
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Study raises health concerns about shower curtains

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Canadian Environmental Law Assocation and the Canadian organization Environmental Defence jointly conducted a study that was released to the public on Thursday, saying that chemicals released by new vinyl curtains may pose a significant health risk.

The study noted that many shower curtains contain more than 100 volatile organic compounds (VOCs), phthalates and organotins, some of which may be released into the air when first taken from a package. These chemicals, responsible for the characteristic smell of new vinyl, may cause damage to kidneys, the liver and the central nervous systems, respiratory problems, nausea, headaches and loss off coordination, according to the report.

These vinyl curtains are also said to contain traces of metals like lead, cadmium and mercury.

Jennifer Foulds of Environmental Defence advises consumers to seek alternatives to new vinyl products such as shower curtains and table cloths. Older products are thought to be safe, as they have already released most of the allegedly dangerous chemicals.

Critics of the study have called it “fear-mongering”, and some health professionals agree that the risk is being overblown. Warren Foster, a professor in the obstetrics and gynecology department at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario points out that, “the difference between hazard and risk is great, and without knowing the actual human exposure, it’s premature to make any judgement.”

Foster further commented that the study was not performed in a rigorous manner by not having controls or random sampling.

Five brands of shower curtain were examined in the study; they were purchased from American stores including Bed Bath & Beyond, Kmart, Sears, Target and Wal-Mart. Curtains of the same brand are also available in major Canadian stores.

Marion Axmith, director general of the Vinyl Council of Canada calls the report a “blatant attempt to manipulate consumers and retailers into thinking shower curtains pose a danger, and they don’t.” She noted that, “as far as we know, nobody’s ever been harmed by a shower curtain.”

Vinyl has long been a point of dispute between environmentalists and those in the chemical industry. A chemical used to make vinyl is known to be a risk for liver and other cancers for chemical plant workers, and the phthalates in vinyl products have been linked to interference with normal male hormone production.

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Best Gifts For College Students

By Chad Henners

College is a time when you need things that you can use and not a whole bunch of knick knacks. This is why you need to be reading this. There are many things that you can give college students for a gift when they are leaving home. These gifts can be given for all occasions. You can give them for birthday gifts. You can buy these things for them at Christmas. You can even give them these things as their graduation gift.

One of the first things that you can always buy them are things for the desk. Things that can help them to stay organized are great gifts for college students who live in the dorm. Some of the homemade gifts that you can give them include pencil holders. You can make book ends as well. Other things that you can make for the desk include a calendar of some sort. Others might make book holders or paper holders so they can prop it up when they are typing.

Other things that you can get for them are things to store food or clothing because we know the space in this area is slim to none. There are many who find that there are so many things that they need and you find that ways to store things is among the biggest things. There are some people who have made cabinets or something else of the sorts. This might be a shoe rack. It could even be a chest to put textbooks or other things of the sorts that they no longer need at that time. Some even make a hope chest that they can then use in their home and pass it down.


Another thing that some have thought about is something to cure those cravings. Candy jars are a nice thing. You can make some lollipop and other candy arrangements. This is something that is great to give to a college student for when they are celebrating a birthday. You can even sneak a gift card in there because we all know how low on cash these college students are.

Others of you will find that things to decorate the dorm is a great idea as well. Some of you might find that you can make some picture frames. Some students experience some home sickness while they are at school. This is rather normal. This allows them to keep some photos in the room with them. Others find some way to make a white board or other ways to keep notes using what they have lying around. With this, you will find that they can use these things and it can make a great addition to the room that they will be calling home for some time.

These are some items that students in college could always use. Bedding is nice too. Anything that you can add a personal touch is warmly welcomed. There are some that have created blankets for the bunk beds they are going to be sleeping in. Others have made photo albums that the students can take with them. All of them are very good ideas indeed.

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Iranian International Master Dorsa Derakhshani discusses her chess career with Wikinews

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

In February 2017, the Iranian Chess Federation announced two teenage chess players, Dorsa Derakhshani and her younger brother Borna Derakhshani, were banned from representing the national team. The federation announced their decision although Dorsa Derakhshani had previously decided and informed the chess federation she did not wish to play for Iran.

Dorsa Derakhshani is currently 21 years old and holds the International Master (IM) as well as Woman Grand Master (WGM) titles. Her brother, Borna, plays for the English Federation and holds the FIDE Master title.

Dorsa Derakhshani was banned since she did not wear a hijab, an Islamic headscarf, while competing at the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival in January 2017. Under the laws of Islamic Republic of Iran, hijab is a mandatory dress code. Her brother Borna Deraskhsani was banned for playing against Israeli Grand Master (GM) Alexander Huzman at the same tournament. Iran does not recognise the existence of Israel, and previously, Irani athletes have avoided playing against Israeli athletes.

Mehrdad Pahlavanzadeh, the president of the country’s chess federation, explained the decision to ban the players saying, “As a first step, these two will be denied entry to all tournaments taking place in Iran and in the name of Iran, they will no longer be allowed the opportunity to be present on the national team.” ((fa))Farsi language: ?????? ????? ?? ??? ??? ?? ??? ????? ?? ?? ???? ???????? ?? ?? ????? ? ?? ??? ????? ?????? ??????? ????? ??????? ? ???? ???? ???? ?? ??? ??? ?? ??????? ????. He further stated, “Unfortunately, something that should not have happened has happened and our national interest is paramount and we have reported this position to the Ministry of Sports.” ((fa))Farsi language: ????????? ?????? ?? ????? ????????? ?????? ??? ? ????? ??? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?????? ???? ? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?? ????? ???? ?? ????? ?????.

IM Dorsa Derakhshani, who currently studies at Saint Louis University in the United States and plays for the United States Chess Federation, discussed her chess career, time in Iran and the 2017 controversy, and her life in Saint Louis with a Wikinews correspondent.

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New Zealand government withdraws asset forfeiture bill

Monday, July 17, 2006

The New Zealand government has withdrawn its Criminal Proceeds and Instruments Bill from Parliament, putting on hold its plans to introduce a non-conviction-based asset forfeiture regime.

The bill was introduced to Parliament in June last year, and was removed from the Parliamentary Order Paper in the last week, before it had even received a first reading vote.

A spokesperson for the Minister of Justice refused to give a reason for the bill’s withdrawal, saying only that there were “a couple of procedural issues that need to be dealt with”.

The bill would establish a non-conviction-based asset forfeiture regime, which would allow the government to confiscate the assets of those suspected of involvement in serious crime. Suspected criminals would be required to prove on the balance of probabilities that their assets were legally acquired or else forfeit them to the crown. No criminal conviction would be required.

The scheme has attracted criticism from both sides of the House, with the Green Party calling it “an affront to the principles of justice and law”, and the National Party demanding a much tougher regime. Given the stated positions of parties on the bill, the most likely reason for its withdrawal is that the government does not have a majority to pass it in its present form.

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Online Secured Loans Cheaper Finance At Easy Terms

By Andrew Baker

Online secured loans are considered not only a source of cheap finance to any borrower but the loans are approved fast also. This two pronged advantage of online secured loans goes a long way in strengthening borrower’s financial position.

Online secured loans can be put to various usages like home improvements, financing a vehicle or meeting medical or educational expenses. For debt consolidation also the online secured loans are a popular option.

Online secured loans are provided by online lenders. These lenders have the capability to process the loan fast. This means they are in a better position for approving the loan fast. Online secured loans are in borrower’s account within days if the lender is satisfied with the details in the application. Applying for online secured loans is easy and simple. Each lender has displayed online secured loans application form on his website. You have to fill in some basic details like loan amount, repayment duration, purpose of the loan etc. instantly with a click of the mouse the details are with the lender and approval process begins.


For availing online secured loans, the borrower is required to place his any property like home or automobile as collateral to the lender. After the loan is fully secured, the lenders are in a sound position to offer the loan at lower interest rate. The borrowed amount depends on equity in collateral. For greater borrowings high equity collateral like home should be preferred. Online secured loans have lower interest rates inbuilt in it and so the loan is highly beneficial for the borrower. A lower interest rate loan like this one surely makes any borrower financially well placed and is easily returnable as well.

Another plus point of online secured loans is repayment duration. One can pay off the loan in 5 to 30 years as per convenience of the borrower. This allows the loan repayment for spreading in larger number of installments and therefore monthly outgo towards installments is reduced.

Bad credit is also considered by the lenders for offering online secured loans. Since bad credit borrower’s property secures the loan, risks for the lenders are remote. Still lenders may ask for annual income and bank statements from the borrower as lenders usually do not want to take repossession route.

Compare various online secured loans offers for interest rates and terms-conditions before applying to the suitable lender.

Online secured loans are made especially for providing loans at lower rate of interest. Pay off the installment in a regular way so that you escape the debts and also your credit scored gets improved.

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