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Why Buy A Webber Kettle Grill?

If you need a new grill, then why would you pay money for a Webber kettle grill. The are not the most lightest of grills, and you just cant put it into the trunk of your car without dismantling it. They are not the cheapest, in fact they are a little pricey. They are also what I would call ugly looking in stature. But all that doesnt matter, because do you know what? I would get one tomorrow!Now I know that my opinion doesnt count for much, but I think that the Webber kettle grill is the best thing since sliced bread, and I am going to enlighten you as to why!You see, I run a small outside catering business in Spain, where I now live and as you can imagine we tend to get quite long summers, so as you can imagine the barbecue season is pretty long. So we get to cook quite a lot of barbecues for clients. Having cooked on a fair amount of grills, the one that really stands out is the Webber kettle grill.Weber are the pioneers of kettle grills and have been making them since 1951 when the original kettle grill was invented. To look at they havent really changed that much in over half a century, but the technology has.They now come equipped with stay cool handles made from water resistant therrmoplastic, easy clean ash trays, and even built in thermometers. They are manufactured from heavy duty treated aluminium so they will not rust, and are built to be used every day.Gone are the days when a barbecue was solely for weekend use grilling a few burgers and sausages. In fact the Webber kettle brings a whole new cooking experience to the fore. It uses what is known as an indirect cooking system. The coals are placed on the sides of the grill whilst the food is placed on the upper grill between the two fires. This means that no fire actually touches the food, and when the lid is down it creates a natural convection. A great advantage of this system means that you never have to turn the meat. So as a chef, cooking on one of these is an absolute joy! It means that I can get on with other stuff whilst the meat is cooking.Another thing to point out about the Webber kettle, is that the grilling surface on these babies is vast. They come in different sizes right up to the ranch kettle, which just happens to be the largest manufactured barbecue kettle in the world! Its big enough to cook a whole lamb, and will finish the job in just 2 hours! What about that for efficiency!In terms of price… Well yes they are a bit pricey, but then again. so is a Rolls Royce! You see you get what you pay for. So if you want something to grill a few burgers and the odd pork chop, when the mother- in- law comes around, then please dont buy this Grill.

Diet Lunch Meals For Weight Loss}

Diet Lunch Meals For Weight Loss



Jennifer Jolan

Here are a couple diet lunch meals for weight loss that will help you out if you’re having trouble thinking up healthy things to eat. Look, if you’re reading this now, then you want to do something about your weight. That’s a great 1st step. Take the next 2 minutes to read this article and I think I’ll help you to expand your ability to lose weight. Go ahead, read this now.

Diet Lunch Meals1. Black bean and chicken soup… from scratchCome on, I know you know how to make soups. They’re not hard. This is all I want you to do. Cut up 4 ounces of chicken, add 1/2 can of black beans, add some vegetables, some broth, water, voila… a good healthy lunch. Don’t worry if you can’t eat it all. Save the leftovers and eat them BEFORE your dinner.2. Protein shakeThis is by far the quickest thing you can eat for lunch that is healthy. This is perfect for “light” eaters. Use some water and maybe a little milk if you like. Add 1.5 scoops of protein powder, mash up a banana in there, blend it up. If that’s not enough for you, eat an apple while drinking the protein shake.3. Tuna and black bean saladGet a can of tuna, 1/2 can of black beans, mix them up with perhaps a little Miracle Whip, throw in some mustard or a tinge of bbq sauce… boom. A quick protein-rich lunch.I’m just trying to give you some diet lunch meals for weight loss… use these as is or use them as a guide to making your own meals.

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Diet Lunch Meals For Weight Loss}

Bbq’s And The Common Accidents}

Submitted by: Paula Gerie

Unsurprisingly barbeques can be the cause of many serious accidents throughout the summer months. As social gatherings are becoming increasingly popular during the summer, more and more people are having family gatherings and parties with friends, commonly taking place in the garden (as they do when inviting people over for a barbeque cooked meal). Unfortunately something else becoming increasingly popular is the number of casualties now beginning to take place with hundreds, if not thousands of people being admitted to A&E as a result of accidents which have involved a barbeque.

Injuries such as burns and cuts as a result of open flames and exposed equipment are fast becoming the most common forms of accidents. These barbeque related accidents are occurring within the home, however many are now reported to take place in a public setting such as a park or music festival. Understandably, as the summer months become warmer, the chances of accidents of occurring will gradually increase. Severe burns are the result of people carelessly igniting fires for their barbeques. For example, fuel is fast becoming a popular accelerant amongst many when attempting to light fires.


The fact is that barbeques should be exciting and enjoyable but above all, safe. It never hurts to take necessary precautions if it means protecting your family and friends. A barbeque should always be stable and steady on its feet especially smaller models such as the Weber One Touch BBQ; when purchasing a barbeque, always be sure to take this in to consideration. A barbeque should always be set up on a flat, level surface away from wood such as fences and sheds. Also, the heavier they are the better; unexpected gusts and gales are common during the summer, particularly in leafy areas where lengthy, over-hanging trees are known to set alight; the last thing you want is for the grill to take a tumble. If you have not used your barbeque for a lengthy period of time, ensure that it is in good condition and a usable state; always scan the grill for any loose components or damages that can put lives at risk. Several parts could do with being readjusted or even repaired. Allow an open space when lighting up the barbeque; lighting a barbeque in an enclosed space is particularly dangerous if something was to go wrong and setting it up early will ensure it can heat slowly, to a reasonable temperature, rather than rushing it and risking something going wrong.

One factor many people tend to overlook is the weather and humidity at the time of lighting the barbeque; when the weather is dry and hot (as it very regularly is in countries such as the U.S.A and Australia) care must be taken to reduce risks of grass fires which can very easily be ignited. It has already been acknowledged that using an accelerant such as fuel to light barbeque fires can have catastrophic affects; barbeques can quite literally explode as a result of this careless action.

Long-handled utensils are essential and can be purchased from Weber Accessories Online; always bear in mind that metal remains warm even after sometime, therefore keep all metal parts such as utensils and bar grills well out of the way and avoid them until you can guarantee they have significantly cooled down. Never leave a barbeque unattended in the presence of children, who must be kept away at all times; protect the grill with a Weber BBQ cover and ensure flames have been completely extinguished before packing everything up and storing the barbeque away for the summer.

About the Author: An avid BBQ and outdoor grill specialist; Paula has dealt with varieties of high quality barbeques including

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and a range of BBQ accesories. Paula possesses years of experience and can advise on anything and everything from tools to first time BBQ tips.


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Choosing The Outdoor Bbq Grill For Yourself.}

Choosing the Outdoor BBQ Grill for Yourself.


David T Smith

Like most people we do on occasions like to cook outdoors, but selecting the right one from the many outdoor bbq grills on the market can be a daunting process. Well, there is no need to get all tensed or overwhelmed. We will help and guide you through some of the options that are available.


You can certainly spend a large sum of money on outdoor bbq grills. Keeping this in mind you need to set your budget before venturing out. It doesn’t matter whether it is a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of purchasing your new outdoor grill. Be strong and firm with yourself and stay within your budget.Is this for yourself and your family to enjoy an occasional outdoor meal, or do you love to entertain large groups? There are outdoor grills that are perfect for just two people and some that have hundreds of square inches of cooking space, so decide ahead of time what you’re going to need the grill for.A tabletop model that is meant for one or two people may well suit your needs if you rarely entertain, or you just want to cook outside on the odd occasion. However on the other hand the tabletop outdoor bbq grills will make it difficult if you plan on cooking a meal for several people.Which type of outdoor bbq grills will you decide to purchase, the charcoal grill or gas grill? The old school will be adamant that the charcoal gives the food that special flavor. The dripping from the meat mixes with the charcoal to create a more tasty smoke. And in turn the smoke add flavor to the meat while cooking. There are plenty of outdoor charcoal bbq grills on the market too choose from.However, propane is usually much safer to deal with than charcoal. Outdoor grills that run on gas light with the touch of a button rather than needing lighter fluid and matches. They can also be controlled much easier. And when that juice from the meat drips down in a charcoal grill, this can cause flame flare-ups. If you have young children or pets that may be running around the grill, you might opt for gas and learn how to season your meat to make up for the lack of flavor.It doesn’t matter what type of outdoor bbq grills you are thinking of buying, the important aspect is to stay with your budget, and it meets your needs, and learn how to use the bbq grill by following the manufacturers instructions.

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outdoor bbq grills

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Choosing the Outdoor BBQ Grill for Yourself.}

A Few Tips On How To Keep Heating And Cooling Costs In Check


On average, 55 percent of the annual cost of energy goes toward heating and cooling. For most people, this is a lot of money, although it can never be eliminated, there are ways to keep heating, and cooling costs in check. There is no need to be at the mercy of the weather; a few hours on the weekend are all you need to save on energy costs.

It is not even necessary to drag out the toolbox; there are things that can be done that take no more than a desire to reduce your cost of heating and cooling in Chicago.

  • Control the thermostat: Every time you feel a little chilly, remember that every degree that you crank up the temperature increases your cost of energy by three percent, or think of it the other way: every degree you set back on the thermostat saves you three percent. If you drop the temperature at night and while you are at work by ten degrees, this total time of 16 hours will reduce your costs by a whopping 14 percent annually.
  • Use fans: Exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom can dispel heat. Use them wisely during the summer; you can reduce your dependence on air conditioning, which will save you money.
  • Use curtains: During the day, keep the curtains on the south side of your house open in the winter. Let the sun work for you. Close all curtains at night to keep the heat or cool in, rather than leak through drafty windows.
  • Reduce the water temperature: A comfortable water temperature is 120 degrees F. If your water heater setting is higher than that, turn the thermostat back, you will not notice any appreciable difference.

These are a few tricks that can help you control the cost of heating and cooling in St Charles. It takes little time and effort to make an appreciable dent in one of your biggest annual household expenses.

As well as a few things you can do, to keep the cost of heating and cooling in St Charles in check, make sure your HVAC system is maintained and serviced regularly. To arrange service, contact Blue Frost Heating & Cooling. Follow us on Google+.

Hunting For Bbq Innovations Llc Ratings}

Submitted by: Normanmm Flynn

……EVERY PERSON..LOVES IT!!!! I have an 8 ft tow-behind smoker that I use for catering along with other cookouts. When I saw the Rib-O-lator I had to locate a way to make it fit. So I had my metal guy make some brackets to hold it, and now I’m Rib-o-lating some wonderful food. And everyone who sees it loves it. -Jim M.

I’M CERTAIN TO CATCH A MAN NOW!! I’m a single gal who loves to barbecue, and I love my Rib-O-lator. I’m sure to catch a man now. -Mary W.

……EXCELLENT BARBECUE ACCESSORY…… The Rib-O-lator is a great barbecue accessory. My fish and ribs where the very best I have ever completed. The Ribolator gets my vote! -Bill Clinton, Small Rock, AK (this just isn’t the president, just a guy with very same name and state.)


NOW..I HAVE MY OWN RIB-O-LATOR!! I live in Florida and barbecue a great deal. When I saw your YouTube video I was amazed that such a factor existed. Now that I’ve my own Rib-O-lator I barbecue even more, and every thing tastes rib-o-lishious. -Tim H.

THANKS!! I’ve cooked ribs, fish, burgers, steak, chicken, vegetables, pork loins, and far more, and I need to tell you the good quality of food that the Rib-O-lator cooks has exceeded mine and my wife’s expectations. I’ll pay for this thing just in savings on burnt food! Thanks! -Carl H

WORKS EVEN FAR BETTER THAN I HOPED!! I live in Australia, and I saw your Ribolator whilst watching YouTube videos. When I saw The Rib-O-lator I knew I had to have it. I have employed it every single day because I got it and it works even far better than I had hoped. Do you need to have any Rib-O-lator distributors down under? Cheers mate. -Davey G.

……I WILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I purchased the Rib-O-lator and your smoker box and they both function wonderful. I will highly recommend. -Lars V.

CAN’T PRESERVE MY HUSBAND AWAY FROM IT!!! I do all the barbecuing at our residence, but now that I bought the Rib-o-lator and your FlavorDome smoker box my I cannot maintain my husband away from it. I’m feeling just a little neglected. Any suggestions? –Julie K.

……THE RIB-O-LATOR IS UNBELIEVEABLE!!! All I need to say may be the Rib-O-lator is unbelievable. -Randy D

NOTICE: This review of BBQ Innovations LLC is genuine. This positive testimonial evaluation of BBQ Innovations LLC may be modified to qualify as distinctive content within the evaluation space supplied herein. Call BBQ Innovations LLC at 206-999-0962 for a lot more FIVE STAR***** Reviews and Ratings.

The Rib-o-lator was invented out of frustration. My BBQ results were by no means consistent — often it was excellent, other times a disaster, particularly the ribs. So as a life-long inventor I set to work to solve this problem. One day as I was banging around and welding in my shop, The Rib-o-lator was born. My sister Carla became my partner to spread the news concerning the newest, greatest rotisserie attachment for the world’s favorite pastime, BBQ! If you have a question about the Rib-O-Lator contact me at or call me at 206-999-0962 ask for Bob.

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