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Submitted by: Roberto Sedycias

Electronic keyboards come in many shapes, styles and prices. Some are basic and designed for the beginner, while others are advanced and sophisticated in the music it can play. Many of these electronic devices have ample amounts of features to give you the ultimate music playing. You can create a one-man-band with the music and effects you can produce.

The Yamaha YPT320 is a great model with excellent features. IT has over 482 quality instrument sounds and 106 accompaniment styles. Its music data base consists of 100 song titles and 2 track easy recording options. It has a portable grand button for playing the famous Yamaha world sound. It is also touch sensitive for easy touch and play. It has 381 EGLite voices and 12 drum kits and a sound effects kit to aid in your music playing. With 102 built in songs, you are sure to find some playing favourites. There are also lesson functions called, keys to success, listening, timing, and phrase repeat, to help with the learning of the keyboard.

The Yamaha YPT220 has over 375 instrument voices and 100 accompaniment styles to choose from. It also features the instant portable grand button for the famous Yamaha theme song. It contains an educational suite YES feature for extra learning. 102 built in songs to discover and test out. Reverb over 9 different types. There are 12 drum kits and a sound effect package. This keyboard is fun and easy to learn on.


The Casio CTK210061 Key Personal Keyboard has over 48 note polyphony for beginners. You can learn step by step through a special step up learning system. There are 400 tones and 150 rhythms to select from and you can play up to 48 notes all at once. There are also 3 levels of interactive learning.

The Casio PX120 is an excellent keyboard. It is light weight and attractive looking. It has the Privia digital stage piano and hammer action keys for a realistic feel of a piano. There are 11 tones and 60 tunes to give you the ultimate playing pleasure. With 20 rhythms and special digital effects you will be sure to put on the performances of your life! With this keyboard you are able to play music using the sweeper chords and use of the damper pedal frequently during play.

The Yamaha EZ200 is a fantastic keyboard for beginners. It has a built in feature that actually recognises when you`re making improvement and adjusts accordingly. So it can go from two finger play and then move to multiple finger play allowing for chord play. Its buttons can provide stereo amplified sound quality like playing a real piano. IT has 36 voices to pick from, 32 notes of polyphony to select and 100 songs that can work together to give you the best playing experience you will have.

On the market today, there are lots of great electronic keyboards to choose from. Yamaha and Casio are both fantastic names that have been around for years and offer excellent warranties on all their products. The features that you can get can really take you from the beginner person right to the expert level playing zone. You will be sure to impress your friends with quality play after learning on one of these wonderful keyboards.

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