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Bucharest to be ‘rebranded’ for 800 million euro

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Bucharest, Romania — The city centre of Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is set to get a major facelift due to a real estate project called Esplanada (The Esplanade), which will be constructed by TriGranit Development Corporation. The total investment in the project will be greater than 800 million euro and aims to build a modern commercial pedestrian area in downtown Bucharest, with several shopping malls, office buildings, hotels and dwellings. It will be the largest real estate program in Romania since the fall of Communism in 1989.

Bucharest is currently looking at possibilities to improve its appearance and rebrand itself as a lively, creative and vibrant city. Many initiatives have sprung up to improve the city, including the organisation of CowParade later this year. Additionally, the old town centre will be restored. Due to Romania’s current economic boom, several other major construction projects are taking place.

Bucharest City Hall has blocked traffic in the city center due both to the old town restoration and to the Esplanada project.

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School dinner costs just 49p in Wales

Wednesday, March 30, 2005A survey carried out by BBC Wales has revealed that the contents of a school meal in Wales cost on average just £0.49 per pupil. Average spending on meal ingredients varied slightly from council to council; with the Cardiff City council spending just £0.40 on each meal, whilst Powys council lavished £0.69 per pupil.

The survey follows a recent surge in media coverage of the eating habits of teenagers and children in the UK. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver recently embarked on a campaign to improve food standards and raise awareness in schools. In response to his campaign the government has promised to spend an additional £280 million over three years on school food in England.

The survey covered twenty councils throughout Wales.

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Bathroom Remodeling Don’ts What Not To Do

By Frank Johnson

Bathroom remodeling takes time, careful planning, and precise execution. The objective of a bathroom remodel is to upgrade the appearance of your bathroom with the latest bathroom fixtures, designs, and styles. However, bathroom remodeling can be a bit overwhelming. Even if you don’t install your new fixtures and furnishings yourself, simply selecting that perfect bathroom vanity, sink, and mirror can be more complicate than you think, especially if you’ve never remodeled a bathroom before.

Below are a few tips on what NOT to do when remodeling your bathroom. Use these tips to avoid common mistakes and ensure that the look you intend for your bathroom is actually what turns out.

Bathroom Remodeling Tip #1: Don’t Wing It


Some people think that remodeling a bathroom is a piece of cake and simply involves swapping out an old sink or vanity with a new one; however, because the bathroom involves plumbing, you need to carefully plan out your remodel. You need to make sure the new fixtures you select fit the space and the plumbing of your bathroom, or at least understand that rearranging the layout of your bathroom may involve rerouting some pipes (which is an arduous task). So, before you even think about the new vanity or sink you want to buy, establish the basic layout of your new bathroom. If the layout is staying the same, take note of the plumbing layout and keep that in mind when you’re shopping for a new sink, toilet, or vanity. If you’re rearranging a few items, draw out how you want your bathroom to look, measure everything to make sure your vision is realistic, and then see if you need to reroute any plumbing. In some cases, you won’t know if your new bathroom layout will call for new plumbing to be installed, so call a plumber and get his/her professional opinion. After you’ve mapped everything out and established the basic layout of your new bathroom design, then you can start shopping for your new lavish bathroom furnishings.

Bathroom Remodeling Tip #2: Don’t Buy the First Thing You See

The key to successfully remodeling your bathroom is to shop around. You never want to buy the first thing you find. If you’re not already set on a specific vanity or sink design, go online and check out the latest bathroom furnishings. This way, you’ll get a better idea of the number of different styles available without having to leave your home. Shopping around will also give you the opportunity to comparison shop. Today, modern bathroom furnishings are more available and affordable than ever before. Thanks to wholesalers who purchase bathroom furnishings in bulk, you can get that elegant vessel sink you’ve always wanted at a price that won’t bust your remodeling budget. Before you buy, you better shop around.

Bathroom Remodeling Tip #3: If Don’t Know, Don’t Install It Yourself

Getting a new toilet is a different experience from getting a new bed. With a bed, you pay the extra $50 to get it delivered and put in your home. However, with a toilet, getting it delivered and put in your home is only the beginning. Bathroom remodeling almost always involves plumbing work. Even if you aren’t rerouting pipes or drainage systems, installing new bathroom fixtures (such as a toilet, sink, and faucet) takes a little plumbing know-how. However, not all of us are as ‘handy’ as we would like to be. And when you’re dealing with running water, it’s important to know how to properly uninstall and install bathroom fixtures. So, if you’re a novice at plumbing, call a professional. Many bathroom remodeling shops offer installation with the purchase of their products (for an added fee) or know of plumbers in your area who can install your new bathroom fixtures for you. Either way, if you’ve never installed a toilet, sink, or faucet, or had a bad previous experience with plumbing, it’s worth the money to have your new bathroom furnishings installed right.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, it’s very important to plan out your new layout, shop around, and install your new bathroom furnishings properly. Failing to do so could cost you more money in the long run and result in a less-than-perfect remodel.

About the Author: Modern Bathroom offers the latest bathroom furnishings and fixtures at discount prices. From contemporary bathroom sinks to modern bathroom vanities, you’ll find the bathroom furnishings you need for less at Modern Bathroom.


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Racist scuffle on Anti-OBE Teachers’ forum

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Western Australian teachers’ website has come under fire by the Education and Training minister for publishing racist comments.Education and Training Minister, Ljiljanna Ravlich, today expressed concern about racist, abusive and offensive comments appearing on the anti-outcomes based education website PLATO.

Minister Ravlich said she was disgusted by some of the highly offensive comments made by members belonging to the group, People Lobbying Against Teaching Outcomes.

‘Some of the comments are obscene and, quite frankly, I worry that these people might be teaching our children,’ she said.

PLATO has since confirmed a teacher who is employed in the non-government education sector in Western Australia made the abusive comments.

The PLATO website was established to express dissent about the controversial Outcome Based Education system after Minister Ravlich insisted it continue to be used despite claims it was ineffective.

Last month the ongoing controversy even prompted a response from Prime Minister Howard who criticized the OBE method of teaching school children used in WA, describing it as ‘gobbledegook‘ and that it could be ‘dumbing down’ the high school English syllabus.

One member from the school teachers’ forum named, ‘Fed up teacher,’ launched a vicious and racist verbal attack on a member who posted a comment supporting the OBE system.

When the member objected to being labelled a ‘nazi‘ and the use of the term because her parents had suffered under the nazi regime, her response drew a further personal attack.

The posting by Fed up teacher said, ‘the nazis had the right idea, it is a pity they didn’t get to your parents before you were conceived, you really are a pathetic piece of trash that somehow escaped the final solution.’

Minister Ravlich condemned the attacks as disgusting and said it was just one of many offensive postings appearing on the website.

‘The website is littered with insults, foul language and abusive and racist comments,’ said Ms Ravlich.

The minister said PLATO has only about sixty members and as such was not broadly representative of the ‘thousands of dedicated and professional teachers in Western Australian schools.

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Fire breaks out in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, Australia

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fire broke out in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia, at approximately 5pm on Sunday 21st January 2007. The site of the fire is inaccessible terrain in the Bobbin Head/Apple Tree Bay area.

For a time properties were threatened in Mount Ku-ring-gai, but this danger has now passed. The F3 freeway and northern train line were closed, causing freeway traffic to be banked up. The morning saw delayed traffic on the F3, which was briefly opened, but for the most part traffic was diverted onto the Pacific Highway at the Berowra Exit.

Around midday the F3 Freeway and Pacific Highway were closed until further notice, severing Sydney’s northern vehicular links. During Monday afternoon the railway line was closed. Traffic for the north was being routed inland via Wisemans Ferry Road, though Windsor. The Pacific Highway, F3 and railway line reopened at 6pm. Welfare centres have been opened for commuters who cannot get home. They are located at Berowra Community Centre (north of the fire) and Thornleigh Baptist Community Centre (south of the fire).

Overnight backburning along with a direct attack has seen the main threat dissipate with the southern fire front under control. On Monday morning spot fires continue to move north towards Cowan Creek. The wind has been picking up in the local area during Monday afternoon. The fire is proving difficult to contain due to spot fires and flying embers.

There has continuous helicopter activity over the area during Monday.

The NSW Rural Fire Service will be holding Community briefings at the Berowra Oval and Samuel King Park Bobbin Head Road Turramurra at 5.30pm today (Monday).

Tuesday saw continuing helicopter activity. Steady rain has been falling throughout Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The Rural fire service has stated that it is now confident that the fire will be contained.

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Expand Your Contracting Services To Include Affordable Built In Options

byAlma Abell

If you are looking for an option to expand your contracting business providing a customized built-in service for your clients offers them remodel options they might not otherwise have considered. The custom cabinetry Ontario contractors offer can go beyond the basics for kitchen and bathroom remodels and be expanded to create stunning, showcase pieces. These pieces can completely change a space, as well as offer a unique way to make a room more functional.

Built In Offices

Most homeowners today are looking for ways to incorporate a home office. The home office is becoming more in demand due to more people working from home. As well, families require a space for a computer for homework, banking, paying bills and of course for entertainment purposes. Built-in office areas offer affordable options allowing people to make the most of unsuspecting spaces including areas under the stairs, tiny nooks and even repurposed closets. Having a creative service that focuses on built-in offices can expand your business as well as offer you a new way to use your design skills to optimize space for smaller homes.

Built In Display Cases

The charm found in older homes often includes charming details such as built in display cases. Complete with glass doors, these elegant additions can add a touch of architectural detail that is rare in modern homes. These types of features work well in dining rooms, libraries, dens and kitchens and provide an additional storage or display area for homeowners as well.

Built-In Side Boards

The dining room has become a very central location and the heart of entertaining for many families. The formal dining room had been phased out especially with the introduction of more open concept layouts. However, even in open concept spaces the addition of a built-in sideboard can help define a dining area while providing much-needed storage space. Drawer and cabinet door combinations for integrated sideboards offer a permanent design detail that can also increase the value of an everyday cookie cutter style home.

Built In Vanities

The bathroom is a room always in need of more storage. Custom cabinetry Ontario homeowners install in their bathrooms provides a substantial decorative detail while offering the additional storage space demanded by the modern family.

Let’s not forget the obvious: Home theatres. From offices to sideboards and built-in vanities to display cases, the built-in is the perfect addition to your contracting business.

If you are looking for the custom cabinetry Ontario homeowners are seeking, Lovech Ltd. has the expertise and design options you need. Contact for information.

Wikinews interviews Mark Bunker, producer of anti-Scientology website ‘XenuTV’

Monday, February 18, 2008

Television producer and owner of the anti-Scientology website (XenuTV), Mark Bunker, also known as Wise Beard Man, chatted online with Wikinews for nearly three hours. More than 120 people followed the interview live (many from Project Chanology), which makes this exclusive Wikinews interview our most attended IRC interview to date.

Bunker started XenuTV in 1999 and began to make videos that he provided for the Lisa McPherson Trust. Bunker has been a critic of the Church of Scientology since 1997.

In 2006, he won a Regional Emmy Award after he and KUSI-TV news reporter Lena Lewis produced a documentary news video on the issues with the United States – Mexico border with San Diego, California.

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Science curriculum director resigns from Texas Education Agency

Friday, November 30, 2007

Christine Comer resigned this month as the director of the science curriculum for the Texas Education Agency‘s (TEA) director after more than nine years. Comer said her resignation was due to pressure from officials who claimed she had given the appearance of criticizing the teaching of intelligent design.

According to documents obtained by the Austin American-Statesman, “Comer was put on 30 days paid administrative leave shortly after she forwarded an e-mail in late October announcing a presentation by Barbara Forrest, a critic of the intelligent design/creationist movement. Forrest served as an expert witness at the Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District trial. At Dover, intelligent design was ruled “a religious view, a mere re-labeling of creationism, and not a scientific theory.” There is widespread scientific support for evolution, while creationism has been described as pseudoscience by the scientific community.

Comer’s resignation comes shortly ahead of the TEA’s State Board of Education (SBOE) reviews of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), which determine what should be taught in the classrooms and what textbooks are bought.

The advocacy group Texas Citizens for Science have released a statement saying, in part, “The real reason [Comer] was forced to resign is because the top TEA administrators and some SBOE members wanted her out of the picture before the state science standards—the science TEKS—were reviewed, revised, and rewritten next year. Plans are underway by some SBOE members and TEA administrators to diminish the requirement to teach about evolutionary biology in the Biology TEKS and to require instead that biology instructors ‘Teach the Controversy’ about the ‘weaknesses’ of evolution, that is, teach the Creationist-inspired and -created bogus controversy about evolution that doesn’t exist within legitimate science.”

Professor PZ Myers, biology professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris, wrote that Forrest is “exactly the kind of person boards of education ought to consult before going down the road of attempting to legislate religion into the public schools.”

In reaction to the news Forrest told National Center for Science Education, “In my talk, I simply told the truth — about the history of the ‘intelligent design’ movement, about the complete rejection of its claims by the scientific community, and about the Kitzmiller trial and my involvement in it. Maybe the TEA can’t afford to take a position on what constitutes good science education — maybe it must remain neutral on whether or not to lie to students about evolution — but if so, that’s just sad.”

Agency officials declined to comment, saying it was a personnel issue.

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Hundreds of thousands of British public sector workers strike over planned pension changes

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hundreds of thousands of British public sector workers went on strike across the country yesterday to protest planned changes to pensions. As industrial action swept the country, half of all schools were hit when teachers walked out, thousands of emergency service responders did not arrive at work, and there were warnings of immigration delays at Heathrow airport.

Police arrested 26 people as protesters picketed on a march in London, and riot police kettled demonstrators as clashes broke out. Reports vary, but it is thought that up to half of British state schools have been affected as employees did not turn up to work.

Mark Serwotka, the leader of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), said the strikes would serve as a “wake-up call” to the coalition government. “It’s a very, very clear signal to the government that they have been rumbled,” Serwotka said. “This is not about pensions, this is about making public sector workers pay for the economic problems, and we are determined to keep going until they change direction.”

Government officials condemned the strike and said the planned changes to pensions, which would see teachers work until age 68 and get less from their pensions, were “fair to taxpayers” as Britain attempts to deal with a large budget deficit. A spokesperson for Downing Street insisted the strike was having a “minimal” impact and said the turnout suggested many public sector workers supported the pension changes.

Christine Blower, the general secretary of one of the striking unions, the National Union of Teachers (NUT), said the strike demonstrated “the anger and distress that this government is causing teachers.” She said the “unjustified attacks” on the pensions of teachers “are nothing short of disgraceful.” Speaking on BBC television programme Question Time, she added: “Much of this has already been imposed on teachers without negotiation, and when we say there are talks going on it’s perfectly true that the government is talking but it isn’t actually listening.”

But despite government claims that the strike was having little impact, 5,679 schools were closed and another 4,999 were affected as teachers did not turn up for work. Michael Gove, the education secretary attacked the walkouts as “disappointing and unnecessary”. Thousands of staff handling emergency 999 calls also striked and pickets were held outside courts as members of the PCS walked out in protest.

This is not about pensions, this is about making public sector workers pay for the economic problems, and we are determined to keep going until they change direction.

Francis Maude, the cabinet office minister, also maintained that the strikes were wrong and said the low number of people walking out showed many supported the government’s plans. “What today has shown is that the vast majority of hard-working public sector employees do not support today’s premature strike and have come into work today,” he said.

Senior Labour party figures including Ed Miliband, Tessa Jowell and John Denham said the strikes were unjustified until negotiations with the government had concluded. Mary Bousted of the NUT criticised Labour’s lack of support for the striking workers: “The response of Ed Miliband has been a disgrace – he should be ashamed of himself. If our strike is a mistake, what has he done to oppose this devastating attack on our pensions? If the opposition will not defend our pensions, we will.”

A largely peaceful march by 30,000 protesters took place through London, and the atmosphere was reported to be largely peaceful, but Metropolitan Police officials said 26 people had been arrested. At a meeting in Westminister, many left wing figures attacked the government plans. Ken Livingstone, a former mayor of London who is running for the job again next year, said the coalition government had “mishandled” the issue of pensions. “The government must end its attacks and negotiate on the core issues under contention,” he added.

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Take Advantage Of That Home Based Business Opportunity

Think about the things you like to do from hobbies, interests, and activities. To figure out which home based business opportunity will work best for you, it is important to start with the things you enjoy. After all, this will be your business and what you will be working on in your home. Why not have a little fun with it?

Once you have figured out what types of things you like to do, then seek out the home based business opportunity that fits with your interest. Seek out a number of options so that you can narrow it down to the home based business opportunity that will work for you and your situation. If you have a general interest in something, you can try to find a home based business opportunity that focuses on one aspect of your interest.

Finding a niche in your home based business opportunity is important, because you want your business to be unique. You will want to offer something that no one else does, as it will make your home based business opportunity more successful. For instance, say you love knitting, and you want to take advantage of a home based business opportunity where you knit. However, there are a multitude of things you can knit, so you can narrow it down to unique and flirty scarves. Rather than being too general, your home based business opportunity now fills a specific need for your clientele.

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