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Holidays to Luxor are not only fascinating they are fun and exciting. The Temple of Luxor is a beautiful place to visit to see the design and structure. The temple is located down the road from the Museum of Ancient Egyptian Art. The museum has so many exhibits on display to see. Luxor has two sides to visit. The east side and the west side are both places of interest. You will see ancient ruins and the tombs if you visit Thebes, the capital city. Luxor is much more than a tourist destination. It is a historical paradise that everyone enjoys.

On the east side, you will find a more modern Luxor. The museums, shops and restaurants are found mostly on the east side. If you need public transportation, the east side has trains and buses. If you are looking for things to do for tourists, you want to visit the west side of Luxor. The short ride from one side to another is easy to take so that everyone can stay in hotels on the east side and travel to the west side for sightseeing. More hotels are being built on the west side so that visitors can stay on the west side instead of taking the short cruise back and forth.

In Luxor, you can do some sightseeing by horse and carriage, bicycles or walking. If you enjoy walking, you can visit the Valley of the Queens by walking through the desert. Not only is the desert walk adventurous, it shows you the beauty of the area. The Ancient Thebes can be accessed by bicycle if you want to spend the day exploring the land by bike. There are many bicycle rentals around the west side. You can find so many interesting and exciting things to do in Luxor.

The nightlife is non-existence in Luxor unless your hotel has a bar and lounge. The Muslim law forbids drinking of alcoholic beverages in public. The hotels are not run by Muslims and do have bars and drinks. You could find a few places that might sell alcoholic beverages for cash and carry, but you must keep it out of sight until you reach your hotel. Luxor is a beautiful place to visit, but you do have to follow their customs and beliefs. There are many places to eat on the west side and the east side.

The history and culture of Luxor is something that attracts so many visitors. Although, you have to follow the customs, you can enjoy your cheap holidays to Luxor. The eateries serve some of the same foods you would find at home. There is a McDonald’s and a Jamboree, which have the foods most will be familiar with. On the west side, it is possible to find some area bars, but they are few and in between. The west side is more fun that the modern east side. You should see everything on the west side, but do not forget to explore the easy side as well.

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